Purposeful Design

Design plays a big role and we deeply care about unique, purposeful design. Everything starts with strokes of genius that evolves and morphes into a beautiful product.

We truly believe that a product should combine iconic design that is original and stands out from the rest. That’s why the Lynxsonic 4:33 are not oval shaped, but angular, matching the facial structure along the jaw bone.

In the end everything we look at, touch and interact with should have a design that is purposeful, deliberate and makes sense to us and most importantly to you.

We are very fortunate to work with one of the most distinguished designers of our time who brings over 25 years of experience from the car and electronics industry to the table: Simon Loasby.

With Simon on board the journey of Lynxsonic is also a journey through design and a lesson in how to create something that is packed with technology, a display of comfort with eye-catching, differentiating, provoking and desirable design features.